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Introduction of Haixing, project layout of Sustan®

  Haixing Material Technology Co., ltd is a great synthetic company with abilities of developing Textile Material, producing Textile fiber and promoting new products. Haixing is specializing in the R&D and products of high-tech bio-based textile material, has first-class management, technical team and the advanced flexible production system in China and supplies all kinds of premiere different-materials for domestic and international brands. It already succeeds to independently research & develop the only one production line of Sustans® commercially all over the world and also owns the intellectual property right of the whole production process line and its related information. Haixing collaborates with USA DuPont to promote Sustans markets globally.

  Sustans® fiber is a new innovation of bio-based synthetic fiber by Haixing Material Technology Co., ltd, currently the only producer of comfort stretch staple fiber made with DuPont Sorona® polymer in the world. DuPont Sorona® polymer is made, in part, with annually renewable plant-based ingredients. By combing Sorona with our Haixing’s unique clean manufacturing process, the official launch of Sustans® fiber has completely changed the misconception that no stretch staple fiber can be used for yarn spinning, which has offered a great potential for new fabric and apparel innovation. It’s time for a new revolution to the textile industry!

  Sustans® offers the fabrics super comfortable performance due to its comfortable stretch, excellent hand-feel and good stretch recovery properties. Its special molecular structure and physical form offers the blended fabrics with Sustans® good dimensional stability and soft-comfortable after several stretching, sunshine exploration and several rigid washings. It also can be blended with any other staple fibers such as cotton, wool, silk, linen, viscose etc at any ratio, and then can be applied to various apparel. It’s good choice for every consumer.

  In March 2014, Haixing successfully researched & developed the first high-tech bio-based Sustans® filler, which has penetrated into cold-weather garments and home-textile markets. The naturally three-dimensional and spherical structure of Sustans® filler offers its preeminent fluffiness, excellent crush resistance, high resilience and silky rich soft hand. Sustans® filler has supreme warmth retention property, is ideal filling material for winter cold-weather gear. It is also penetration proof and can be blended with down feather at any ratios and also can be blown by machine like down, which changes the cognition of normal fillers and redefine the value of filler products.

  The 1st line of Sustans® project with annual output 10000 metric tons was put into production in January 2012, the 2nd line with annual output 3000 metric tons is under planning to start building in 2015. The total annual output of this 1st program with total finished four lines would have 100000 metric tons and the output value is up to 3 billion.

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