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Haixing Material Technology Co., ltd is a high-tech company invested by INOVAL Group.
  Sustans® fiber is a brand-new bio-based fiber owned by Haixing Material Technology Co.,ltd, who is currently the only producer of comfort stretch staple fiber made with DuPont Sorona® polymer. It uses the renewably sourced Sorona® polymer from Dupont, plus the unique production process owned by Haixing. It is by far a leading bio-based stretch staple fiber product in the world that can be commercialized. The official launch of Sustans® fiber has completely changed the misconception that no stretch staple fiber can be used for yarn spinning, which has offered a great potential for new fabric and apparel innovation. It’s high time for a new revolution to the textile industry!
  The 1st line of Sustans® project in Haixing occupies 40000 square meter with annual output 100000 metric tons. Its output value is up to RMB 3 billion with 300 employees. The averaged output value comes up to RMB 10 million each person, which is much higher than that of normal level in the same industry. This great project Sustans® already promotes the upgrading and developing of mass of textile and apparel companies in textile industry. It is a high-tech and eco-friendly project.

Various environmental benefits of Sustans®:
1、As the key ingredient to sustans®,Sorona® polymer is made in part with renewably sourced ingredients by weight, which helpreduces dependency on
  oil and petrochemicals.
2、Compared to an equal amount of oil-based Nylon,the manufacturing process of Dupont Sorona® requires 30% less energy consumption.
3、Compared to an equal amount of oil-based Nylon,the manufacturing process of Dupont Sorona® reduces GHG emission by 63%.
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