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  DuPont is a well-know and famous science company established in 1802, which deploys world-class science and engineering to seize global marketing and solve all kinds of global challenges including supplying sufficient and health foods, independence on petrochemical materials, protecting lives and environment as to let global people live in a more peace, more health and safety world with its innovation, materials and good service. It has business network throughout 90 countries and areas in the world involving in agriculture, foodstuff, buildings, communication, transportation, energy and bio-science etc fields by its wide innovation and good service.

  DuPont has long history of science exploration and achieved numberless innovations. In 2013, DuPont invests USD 2.2billion to get 1050 units of American patents and 2500 units of global patents. In the worldwide, it has 10000 scientists and technicians and more than 150 R&D units. Presently DuPont has set up cooperation relationship with more areas and more people than ever before. We do believe that inclusive innovation is the channel of solving the biggest challenges for humans, who also can find out better solutions through collaborating with scholars, government, enterprises and units as to help supply Earth’s burgeoning population with better, safer food, abundant and sustainable energy, and protection for that matters most planet and its inhabitants.

  DuPont has set up the business relationship with China from 1863. With the process of the reforms & opening-up of China, DuPont established the office in Beijing in 1984, and in 1988 it registered the company named “DuPont China Group” in Shenzhen, which is the earliest investment transnational company in China. After 30 years’ efforts, DuPont has set up 40 sole proprietorship and joint venture enterprises with 6000 employees, and also moves many business HQ into mainland of China from other areas.

  Sorona® PTT is the 1st polymer product made with 1,3-Propanediol (PDO), Sorona® is a high-performance polymer that, thanks to Bio-PDO, has the added benefit of being based on renewable resources. More that, the bio-based fibers made with Sorona® polymer have special performances including soft handfeel, comfortable stretch and recovery, easy-dyeing, anti-stain and easy-care. The bio-based fibers made with Sorona® offer the enduse of fabrics with more performances as chlorine resistant, anti-UV, dry-quick, good color-fastness, anti-static and high stretch. The fabrics with Sorona® polymer can absorb all kinds of bright color dyestuffs. It’s applied no carrier atmospheric boiling dye process to get plentiful and bright pattern. The distinctive performances and various design style of fabrics made with Sorona® polymer can offer newly wider space for apparel design and garment innovation aspects, and then brings out the forefront of apparel fashion and functional application.

  In the international fabric industry, Sorona® is as an intelligent polymer, which has both advantages of Nylon and Polyester, delivers fibers and fabrics made with Sorona® polymer with function and comfort properties together. It’s a high time for the innovation of apparel fashion with Sorona®.

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